18K Gold Bracelet, Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Jean Schlumberger Croisillon Red Enamel Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet

Debuting in the early 1960’s, Jean Schlumberger paillone enamel bangle bracelets are perhaps the designer’s most iconic design. With the help of Jacqueline Kennedy and her friend Rachel Lambert Mellon, these enamel bangle bracelets gained an incredible amount of press internationally and today remain a jewelry wardrobe mainstay to many of the world’s most stylish women. This particular bracelet, set with red paillone enamel was made by Schlumberger in Paris during the 1960’s and represents a wonderful early example of this icon of jewelry design.

Tiffany Schlumberger Croisillon red enamel yellow gold bangle bracelet circa 1970.  Love it because it caught your eye, and we are here to connect you with beautiful and affordable jewelry.  Decorate Yourself! Why not make someone Happy?  Yourself, or a special person in your life.  It cannot be denied that there is a force within this Tiffany Schlumberger bracelet capable of unleashing feelings of joy in the heart, feelings of celebration and that life is rich and sweet!  Jewelry can be a lot of fun!  In either case, it is our sincere desire that it becomes a treasure, a source of pleasure and pride every time it is worn.

Metal:  18-karat yellow gold decorated with red enamel
Band width: 13 mm
Weight: 96.7g (Size 17)
Price: Please contact us via e-mail customjewels@163.com or whatsapp: +1 262 806 8175 for factory direct selling price.

Since 2016, Lexga.com has been known as the best custom jewelry manufacturer in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. As a well-known jewelry manufacturer, our skilled craftsmanship and designers are able to produce customized jewelry that is exactly the same as the original jewelry. We bought authentic luxury jewelry from the flagship store to filter shapes and collect detailed data, and then make molds, so they are true mirror copies of 1:1 leve Custom Tiffany & Co. Jean Schlumberger Croisillon Red Enamel Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet. On the other hand, you are welcome to become our wholesaler, and we look forward to long-term cooperation with you and provide ex-factory prices. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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